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How to steal a TV in the 21st Century

This is how its done:






Now you probably noticed the LG branding at the end. This is the kind of Viral I like. It’s got over 2 mil views and the branding was just enough to stop jackasses deliberating over what it was trying to sell. It’s clear enough that you could probably air it between The Simpsons on a Tuesday night.

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Jay-Z – Glory (Feat. Blue Ivy Carter) + Pharrell

How quick did they pump this track out? Judging by the beat I’ll go ahead and confirm that Skateboard P produced the track. It says featuring Blue Ivy Carter but you only really hear her at the end, crying. What more did you expect from a baby fresh out the oven? Nonetheless its a great song with Jay-Z doing what he does best; lyricism. 

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Eddie C – We Need We

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned U-Tern’s best of 2011 2-hour mix but I’ve been leeching tracks off it something chronic. I liked the fact that he included tracks he thought a lot of people would have slept on and I totally agree. I’ve never been a fan of DJs who put out mixes of shit they’ve played or are planning to play, there’s almost no point. Mixes are one of the best ways to discover new music like a radio without the annoying host. We Need We is a track off the mix from Eddie C and I’m going to dive into this album to see what its all about. So far I’m liking what I hear.

Here’s U-Tern’s mix:

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Reasons why I “waste” time

I just came back from the toilet and I’ve been hit with the very thing I’ve been waiting for these past few weeks. I’ve been working away at a steady pace but I’ve slowed down my usual flow because something kept bothering me and I wasn’t sure what it was. That is one of the most annoying things that could happen to you creatively because it stops you from doing what you’re supposed to be doing and you won’t be able to function normally until you figure it out.

A typical day would have included me writing for a few minutes then procrastinating for 3 hours, and sometimes 8 hours. I would lose whole days to this. It really fuckin’ annoyed the turd out of me. I was falling behind work but there was not a damn bitch I could do about it. My brain tells me to “waste” time so what the heck, I waste time. Just the other night I found myself staying up ’till 6am watching these Super Nintendo geeks make funny to their even geekier followers on YouTube.. it was painful.

But tonight, just intime for 12am… hmm I’m hearing fireworks? NY was a week ago, jackass. Anyway, I came up with the perfect idea. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what it is. But it’s not everyday or year I get this feeling. I’ve measured it all up and all boxes checked out. Pretty excited. When it’s at a point where its worth mentioning, i’ll let ya’ll know what its all about.


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Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Viceroy Remix)

Slowly getting back to posting my recommendation of dope tunes, as well as predictions of what’s going to be hot next. Came across this really sweet Viceroy Remix of an oldish track. What’s been really popular for 2011 is slower tempos (not sure if Dubstep had anything to do with this), but people are starting to enjoy individual bleeps and bloops as opposed to long chords and sonic landscapes. This track does it quite well. As a producer/DJ I see the potential of doing some really cool rap blends with this sorta shit.

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Street Magic Secrets Unveiled!

If Street Magic had its own cool scene like Street Skating, then the Mengel Brothers would be underground cats who are doing it for themselves. I had an argument with my girlfriend one day and like the little bitch I am, I went for a walk to clear my head. Then these two magicians flew down from the trees and started putting coins through cans and making cards appear out of my arse like as if David Blaine was out of a job.

These guys are from Estonia and they’re about to make a documentary about their street magic travels and they need our help. They have a pledge campaign on Indie Go-Go with plenty of pledges starting from as little as $5… c’mon, you can spare $5 and you’ll get some cool videos on how street magic works, so next time a pair of magicians try to wow you, perhaps you can school them back. Either that or you can now impress people at the next party you wern’t really invited to.

Pledge now on a range of cool packages, or at least check out the video.

This is me on the video getting mad-schooled.

The two bros.

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Marriage is an important part of getting ahead

“Marriage is an important part of getting ahead. It lets people know you’re not a homo. A married guy seems more stable. People see the ring, they think ‘at least somebody can stand the son of a bitch.’ Ladies see the ring, they know immediately that you must have some cash, and your cock must work.” – Ellerby (Alec Baldwin) 

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Say you´ll be (rayko roller disco edit)

All my followers should know that my tune of choice is Disco, in particular NuDisco because it retains its soul with the inclusion of new sounds that most members of my generation have grown to lust for. Rayko is a rad dude who’s got this sweet edit for us. I first caught his edits on Bicep and since then have been lookin’ out for his edits by means of Google and music aggregators.

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Shoot now, focus later with Lytro

First of all, let me just say… Wow. This is the world’s first consumer light-field camera. What this means is that the camera will capture all the light information from all the rays in its viewfinder, on top of color and intensity, but direction as well. I’m not a photographer, so I can’t dive too deep into all of the features that a light-field camera is able to do, but what I can tell you is that you will be able to take shots without having to anticipate shutter speeds and focus points.

Just imagine being able to take picture the moment you feel the need to. You can then focus the fact afterwards. Lytro calls these shots, “living pictures”. It’s not available just yet but you can pre-order yours for a spring delivery in 2012. There’s only one downside, if you could call it that; the USB connectivity to upload your pictures is only Mac-compatible. This only just reinforces the perpetual notions of the arty-fartsy scene and their Apple allegiance. Either way, I doubt this would hinder any potential sales before they develop software for PC.

Read more on Device-Guide

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