How to Schengen Shuffle – the European visa run

Sounds like a dance right? Well, it kind of is but it involves risking the integrity of your passport. We all know what a Visa Run is, which is a quick jump out of a country in order to come back in. Well similar to that, the Schengen Shuffle is performed for people who are attempting to stay longer in greater Europe. Now there are two types of shufflers; those who do it right, and those who do it wrong. The funny thing is, neither can guarantee you entry back into the Schengen area. I did it recently doing it the right way and I still ended up detained by customs, but at least I still made it back into Europe. I’m not here to serve you a full-proof plan, I’m just here to answer a few FAQs and hopefully give you a few more options for your current situation.

Ok, lets get through the basics of what stipulates entry requirements for the Schengen area. In case you didn’t know what it is, it’s basically just a bunch of European and other developed nations that have agreed to allow its people to roam relatively freely through its boarders. Obviously if you hold a passport that’s a part of the EU, then you don’t really have any problems with your length of stay, but let’s say travellers from America, Canada and Australia who have mutual agreements with the Schengen but aren’t a part of the EU have to adhere to some basic rules.

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