4 practical uses for the Behringer iNuke

I tried looking for a scalable picture where you can see exactly how big this thing is but I guess all you have to do is get a magnifying glass and try to located the iPod Touch that’s chilling on the top of this monstrous audio gadget called the BEHRINGER iNuke Boom. 

It’s 8-feet wide, 4-feet tall, 400 pounds and costs $30,000. To think, it’s just an iPod dock, but its not just any iPod dock, this Ben Hur of a thing pumps out 10,000 Watts of face melting audio apocalypse. 

After looking at this thing and its specs, apart from noticing the sheer ridiculousness of the product, there would actually be some pretty impressive uses for what costs the same as a family sized car. What we are dealing with her is a product specifically designed for the 1%. The rest of us 99 per-centers can go on about how stupid impractical the size is, or we can check out this list of 5 creative uses, coz lets face it, no one person should have all this power, and it sure as hell wasn’t designed to be played on low volume. 

DIY Block Party (may piss your neighbors off)

This can apply to weddings; birthday parties or any event that requires big sound. You won’t ever need to hire a crappy DJ who never has the songs you request. You can set your playlist in iTunes and just keep the party going all night long. No need for expensive sound equipment hire, all you have to do is plug it in and you have yourself a music festival in the comfort of your own suburb. 

Read More on Device-Guide

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