How to have fun in a Hotel Room

When I was in my early 20s, I was lucky enough to land a job that allowed me to see the world. I travelled and partied hard at every destination possible and I would still make it to my returning flights on time. These days, it is not the case. I just don’t/can’t find the energy and besides… my wife would kill me. I still travel for work and find myself at nights sitting in the hotel room feeling sorry for myself because I just don’t have the vigor that I once had. Until I smacked myself with a little perspective and realized that I get to stay at hotels for free… and get paid for it! I am sure there are many of you out there who are on the same boat. Well I have compiled a comprehensive list of things you can do to make time fly and it doesn’t involve porn or hookers.

Remember, this is designed for men (and women) who are married and/or just don’t have the energy anymore to go out and hit the town. If we had energy we could simply answer this question with one answer: Chuck a party in the hotel room.

1. Ride the luggage cart.

2. Don’t get caught riding the luggage cart.

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