MindFire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds by Scott Berkun – REVIEW

Never have I thought in my whole life that I would find reading a compilation of essays to be enjoyable. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am a Masters graduate myself and I do find the odd essay to be thought provoking but that’s only because I had no choice. But in Scott Berkun’s latest book titled, MindFire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds, I was compelled to read essay after essay after essay, lol.

There are 30 essays in total along with his most prominent postings from the last decade, delivered in the one convenient book. Now I would just like to point out that I didn’t totally agree with everything he argues but the fact that it made me get off my seat and spend the next few weeks thinking about the validity of what he had wrote means that his book, was aptly titled.

How many books do you know out there, actually serve the purpose of its title? Mind fire… that’s exactly what happened to my mind. The book was split up in sections of 3 parts. Gasoline, Sparks and Fire. And yes, after reading all of his great ideas my mind was a blazed and I honestly was ready to either punch someone in the face or start another fruitless Internet venture.

First of all, in Gasoline he addresses the following: The cult of busy; wants vs. beliefs; how to be a free thinker; how to detect bullshit; should you be popular or good?; there are two kinds of people – complexifiers and simplifiers; are you indifferent?; does transparency matter?; how I found my passion; how to be passionate. I don’t have to tell you how inspiring this section was as many of you have been any more than three of these situations. Even if we have successfully found our passions, there’s the perpetual task of swimming through the crap that goes along with anything you decide to pursue in life.

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