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Latest Lingo in the Fashion World

Inspired by the residual effects of fashion week, I’ve put together a survival kit list of words and terms to use if you’re an outsider desperately trying to assimilate with the “in crowd”.

Darning: Similar to calling in sick for work, use this when you won’t be able to make it to an appointment due to some emotional breakdown. Keep your cool sister, its not over till the fat lady sings.
Example: “I’m not going to be able to make this morning’s brief, turns out I have some darning to do.”
Embroidery: I thought it was the little horse on my Polo shirt but you can also use it the same way people use “garnish”.
Example: “I don’t know who talked you into going to Vietnam, ahh, nothing a little embroidery can’t fix.”
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6 digital donts after a breakup

Here at YouLookWell I have been posting articles about all things that pertain to Health and Beauty. One thing that I am pretty sure many of us would have seen, is how everybody gets dragged into people’s personal lives on Facebook and Twitter. It’s bad enough we have to hear about their crappy bus ride home but I think it’s highly inappropriate when people start posting updates about their personal relationships, especially when it doesn’t promote any wellbeing.

Now that Social Networks are unfortunately just as important as our real life lives, exercising your social health online is just as important as cleaning up your online reputation. We are the first generation that has been given this extraordinary gift of technology but with it, comes a huge responsibility.

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How to have fun in a Hotel Room

When I was in my early 20s, I was lucky enough to land a job that allowed me to see the world. I travelled and partied hard at every destination possible and I would still make it to my returning flights on time. These days, it is not the case. I just don’t/can’t find the energy and besides… my wife would kill me. I still travel for work and find myself at nights sitting in the hotel room feeling sorry for myself because I just don’t have the vigor that I once had. Until I smacked myself with a little perspective and realized that I get to stay at hotels for free… and get paid for it! I am sure there are many of you out there who are on the same boat. Well I have compiled a comprehensive list of things you can do to make time fly and it doesn’t involve porn or hookers.

Remember, this is designed for men (and women) who are married and/or just don’t have the energy anymore to go out and hit the town. If we had energy we could simply answer this question with one answer: Chuck a party in the hotel room.

1. Ride the luggage cart.

2. Don’t get caught riding the luggage cart.

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How to Schengen Shuffle – the European visa run

Sounds like a dance right? Well, it kind of is but it involves risking the integrity of your passport. We all know what a Visa Run is, which is a quick jump out of a country in order to come back in. Well similar to that, the Schengen Shuffle is performed for people who are attempting to stay longer in greater Europe. Now there are two types of shufflers; those who do it right, and those who do it wrong. The funny thing is, neither can guarantee you entry back into the Schengen area. I did it recently doing it the right way and I still ended up detained by customs, but at least I still made it back into Europe. I’m not here to serve you a full-proof plan, I’m just here to answer a few FAQs and hopefully give you a few more options for your current situation.

Ok, lets get through the basics of what stipulates entry requirements for the Schengen area. In case you didn’t know what it is, it’s basically just a bunch of European and other developed nations that have agreed to allow its people to roam relatively freely through its boarders. Obviously if you hold a passport that’s a part of the EU, then you don’t really have any problems with your length of stay, but let’s say travellers from America, Canada and Australia who have mutual agreements with the Schengen but aren’t a part of the EU have to adhere to some basic rules.

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