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Street Magic Secrets Unveiled!

If Street Magic had its own cool scene like Street Skating, then the Mengel Brothers would be underground cats who are doing it for themselves. I had an argument with my girlfriend one day and like the little bitch I am, I went for a walk to clear my head. Then these two magicians flew down from the trees and started putting coins through cans and making cards appear out of my arse like as if David Blaine was out of a job.

These guys are from Estonia and they’re about to make a documentary about their street magic travels and they need our help. They have a pledge campaign on Indie Go-Go with plenty of pledges starting from as little as $5… c’mon, you can spare $5 and you’ll get some cool videos on how street magic works, so next time a pair of magicians try to wow you, perhaps you can school them back. Either that or you can now impress people at the next party you wern’t really invited to.

Pledge now on a range of cool packages, or at least check out the video.

This is me on the video getting mad-schooled.

The two bros.

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