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Productivity Enhancer: DCUP pres. Kitten mix

The following NuDisco mix by Australia’s DCUP is responsible for keeping my work flow on track right now. Give it a try, results may vary.



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Easiest way to record and share your screen – Screenr

I have just come across Screenr, an instant screencast program that is web based. All you have to do is hit record, it will capture everything on your screen as well as your voice. You then share the link. Boom!

I really dig this because it allows you to send visual instructions to anyone on the fly. Of course, you can do this with Skype, but what if you can’t organise a time to Skype? You can just quickly record your instructions with Screenr, email them the link and carry on with your day. To me, its a productivity tool I will use with my clients and contractors.

A lot of the people I deal with are in various parts of the world in time zones that a lot would find near to impossible to collaborate. We do use some team project management tools to keep the work flow smooth, and Screenr is definitely a part of my arsenal now. Check out the video below, hope you guys see the productivity potential with this one.

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